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Restrack is a leading tracer service provider to oil companies world-wide. Our field-demonstrated technology is used to give information on reservoir heterogeneity, assess the effect of water & gas injection and determine the amount of remaining oil in the near-well & inter-well zone.

Restrack delivers a full portfolio of integrated tracer services, including inter-well gas & water tracing, single well tracer tests (SWCTT) and partitioning interwell tracer tests (PITT). Restrack focuses on providing reservoir information which enabled our customers to improve oil recovery. We deliver an integrated service that include planning, field operation, analyses and interpretation. Our ISO 9001 and 14001 certified service is based on unique & proprietary chemical tracers that are added to reservoir fluids. Tracer content is measured in more than 10000 samples yearly in our state-of-the-art laboratory using our proprietary, ultra-sensitive laboratory techniques. To turn tracer data into reservoir information we use industry-standard simulators & our in-house ARTSim tracer simulator.

Our partners

The company is a spin-out of the tracer technology service developed at Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) during the last 30 years. The company is owned by IFE, Restrack employees and Resman. We collaborate actively with IFE on tracer technology R&D and contribute in several IFE research programs.


Restrack is growing and we are constantly looking for motivated and skilled people to join us. See our careers page for open positions or send an open application if you cannot find a position that suits your qualifications right now.

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